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2014 Medicare Advantage ratebook and Prescription Drug rate information
2014 Medicare Advantage ratebook, benchmarks, and rate calculation data
  • Revised PACE ESRD Rates (released October 2, 2020)
  • July 30, 2013 announcement of 2014 Part D National Average Monthly Bid Amount, Medicare Part D Base Beneficiary Premium, Part D Regional Low-Income Premium Subsidy Amounts, Medicare Advantage Regional Benchmarks, and Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amounts
  • Regional Rates and benchmarks Part D Low Income Premium Subsidy Amounts
  • 2014 MA rate book
  • 2014 Rate calculation data including statutory benchmark data
  • USPCC amounts (prospective and retrospective)
  • Update made on April 3, 2013 to correct RPPO rates for regions 20 and 21 - changed Broomfield, CO mapping from region 21 to region 20.  Affected files are regionalrate2014.csv and statutorybenchmarkdata2014.csv.
  • Update made on April 19, 2013 to tabulate non-ESRD rates for Puerto Rico based on 2007 and 2008 fee-for-service experience of only those eligible for Medicare Part A and enrolled in Medicare Part B.  Corresponding files that have been added are  'CountyRate2014 Revised PR.csv', 'risk2014 revised PR.csv', and '2014 FFS Rates comparison file - Revised PR.csv'.

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