Grandfathered Tribal FQHCs

Grandfathered Tribal FQHCs

A tribe or tribal organization clinic can get certified and paid as a grandfathered tribal FQHC, if it’s:

  • Operating under the Indian Self-Determination Act
  • Billing as a provider-based to an Indian Health Services (IHS) hospital
  • No longer operating as a provider-based department of an IHS hospital
  • Meeting conditions in 42 CFR 413.65(m) on or before April 7, 2000
  • Changed status from IHS to a tribal operation, or vice versa, on or after April 7, 2000
  • Realigned the clinic from IHS or tribal hospital to another IHS or tribal hospital, such that the organization no longer meets the Conditions of Participation (CoPs)
  • Meeting all FQHC certification and payment requirements

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