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Minnesota State Flexibility to Stabilize the Market Grant Award

Grant Application Summary

Minnesota Grantee: State of Minnesota, Department of Commerce

Award Date: August 20, 2018

Total Award: $274,593.00

Baseline Award: $274,344.83

Workload Award: $248.17

Sections 2702 and 2703 - The Minnesota Department of Commerce will perform a review of each insurance carrier in the health insurance market to ensure carriers are offering approved products for purchase and continue to offer coverage at the option of an individual or plan sponsor, unless an exception applies. The analysis will include a review of current form review processes and health plan documents to produce new standard operating procedures, checklists, and tools to assist department staff and health insurance carriers in their compliance reviews. Minnesota will also perform random audits to ensure compliance, and explore necessary policy changes to improve insurance market stability.

Section 2707- The Minnesota Department of Commerce will analyze health insurance company formularies, specifically drugs by disease state, prior authorization requirements, and drugs for treatment of mental health or substance abuse disorders. Minnesota will contract with the University of Minnesota School of Pharmacy for help with reviewing formularies. Based on the analysis, the Minnesota Department of Commerce will create two sets of standard operating procedures and checklists, one for department staff and another for health insurance companies. Minnesota will also explore other policy changes to improve insurance market stability.