The Center for Consumer Information & Insurance Oversight

Utah State Flexibility to Stabilize the Market Grant Award

Grant Application Summary

Utah Grantee: Utah Insurance Department

Award Date: August 20, 2018

Total Award: $278,750.00

Baseline Award: $274,344.83

Workload Award: $4,405.17

Sections 2702 and 2703 - The Utah Insurance Department will partner with a consultant to evaluate Utah’s health insurance markets. In addition to ensuring health insurance issuers are offering approved products for purchase and continue to offer coverage at the option of an individual or plan sponsor (unless an exception applies), The contractor will perform actuarial and economic analysis, market scans, and complete an evaluation of the Utah markets to ensure access to affordable health care coverage in the individual and small group markets. The findings will be developed into a report for interested stakeholders, and include a determination as to whether a 1332 state innovation waiver is appropriate.