Connecticut Health Insurance Marketplace Grants Awards List

Connecticut Health Insurance Marketplace Grants Awards List

Connecticut has received multiple grant awards to build its Health Insurance Marketplace. This includes a Planning Grant, an Early Innovator Grant, four Level One Establishment Grants, and a Level Two Establishment Grant.
Summaries of Connecticut's applications for each grant are provided below:


Establishment Grant Level Two Application Summary


Administrator: Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange
Award Amount: $107,358,676
Award Date: August 23, 2012
Application Due Date: June 29, 2012

Supplement Award: $24,960,892 (August 8, 2013)

Level of Funding: Level Two

Summary: The State of Connecticut is receiving a Level Two Establishment Grant to further its planning, development and design of a Health Insurance Exchange. Connecticut's General Assembly enacted Public Act 11-53 in June 2011 establishing the Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange and provides the legal authority to establish and operate an Exchange in Connecticut that complies with all federal requirements. This funding will provide assistance to hire staff and consultants to manage the activities related to the creation and on-going operations of the Exchange during the grant period. In addition, a substantial portion of the funding will be used to develop an IT system that facilitates critical Exchange functions. These include eligibility, enrollment, and information exchange among individuals, employers, insurance carriers, and state and federal government agencies.

Administrative Supplement Award Amount: $24,960,892 (August 8, 2013)

Summary: Connecticut will use the level two grant supplement to support professional services, a robust consumer outreach campaign, and to support a system build as well as additional system releases, in particular the All Payer Claims Database. Additionally, this funding will support marketing and outreach activities, including an expanded media campaign for TV, radio, internet and print advertising.

Establishment Grant Level One Application Summary

Administrator:  Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange d/b/a Access Health CT
Award Amount:  $9,256,987
Award Date:  December 15, 2014
Application Due Date: October 15, 2014

Level of Funding:  Level One

The State of Connecticut received funding to support additional development costs, which will provide consumers with an enhanced and better coordinated health insurance shopping experience. During this period, some of the requested funding will be used to enhance an IT system that facilitates critical Exchange functions. These functions include consumer and stakeholder engagement and support, technological infrastructure development, eligibility, enrollment, plan management, and system integration for individuals, employers, insurance carriers, and state and federal government agencies using the system.


Administrator: Connecticut Office of Policy and Management

Award Amount: $6,687,933; $2,140,867; $20,302,003

Award Date: August 12, 2011; February 15, 2013; October 23,2013

Application Due Date: June 30, 2011; August 15, 2013

Supplement Amount: $1,521,500 (August 2, 2012)

Supplement Amount: $497,741 (August 8, 2013)

Supplement Amount: $2,146,974 (December 17, 2014)


Level of Funding: Level One

Summary: Connecticut will focus on three projects with this grant award. The first project is to determine the administrative issues involved in starting an Exchange, including the hiring of Exchange leadership and procurement of office space. The second project will build on the research provided by its Exchange Planning Grant and conduct a thorough analysis of information technology capabilities to focus on business process and information technology used in the Exchange. The third project is to develop appropriate capacity for consumer assistance and reporting requirements.

Connecticut's second Level One Establishment grant will support the development of a comprehensive In-Person Assisters (IPA) program to meet the anticipated demand for in-person enrollment assistance and minimize the number of uninsured residents in Connecticut. This program will be functionally distinct from the Navigator program, and will operate as a complement it. It will focus primarily on leveraging existing networks and local state agencies that provide eligibility and enrollment assistance with public programs. An estimated 91 IPAs will be deployed during the 2013 open enrollment period.

Access Health CT (AHCT) will use its third Level One grant funding to build on previously awarded Establishment grants to make improvements to its online eligibility and enrollment system by implementing a more user-friendly interface and enhancing the ability of the system to determine eligibility. The grant will also be used to improve AHCT disaster recovery capabilities.

Supplement Amount: $1,521,500 (August 2, 2012)

Summary: This supplement request will allow Connecticut to fulfill its committed spending to existing contracts as well as support the needed financial bridging between their grants related to professional services and consulting, permanent staffing, and travel.

Administrative Supplement Award Amount: $497,741 (September 12, 2013)

Summary: Connecticut will use the level one grant supplement to enhance the marketplace’s consumer engagement efforts.  Connecticut will provide IPA resources for four staff, background checks, associated equipment, development of a network of participating organizations, and curriculum translation services.

Administrative Supplement Award Amount: $2,146,974 (December 17, 2014)

Summary: Connecticut will use the level one grant supplement to enhance the marketplace’s IT systems.  Connecticut will provide resources for IRS 1095 reporting requirements and EDI 834 enhancements.

Early Innovator Grant


Grantee: University of Massachusetts Medical School
Award Amount: $35,591,333

Summary: This is a multi-state consortia proposal led by the University of Massachusetts Medical School and will benefit individuals and small businesses in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Vermont. These consumers will be able to shop for, select, and purchase affordable and high-quality health plans consistent with national reform goals for 2014. The proposed project approach will be to create and build a flexible Exchange information technology framework in Massachusetts and share those products with other New England states. The proposal hopes to learn from the Massachusetts Exchange implementation and gain efficiencies so it can accelerate Exchange development for participating New England states.


State Planning Grant


Awarded September 30, 2010

Administrator: Connecticut Office of Policy and Management

Amount Awarded: $996,850

  • Conduct market research and Information Technology infrastructure assessments to understand the effects and implications of different policy decisions that may direct the implementation strategy.
  • Research and analyze existing data and obtain newly-collected data to assess the health insurance market and the uninsured population.
  • Conduct economic and actuarial modeling to study various policy issues that would impact the design and implementation of the Exchange.
  • Survey the small employer and health insurance markets.
  • Assess the impact of insurance reforms on premiums.
  • Analyze the local marketplace to determine whether the individual and the small group markets should be combined or separate within the Exchange.
  • Analyze the size of the small employer market segment that should start participating in the Exchange (either 1-50 employees or 1-100 employees).
  • Determine the advantages and disadvantages of a Connecticut statewide Exchange versus a multi-state Exchange.
  • Engage in stakeholder dialogue to ensure an accurate and consistent message is being communicated (includes individuals, employers, providers, legislators, insures, etc.)
  • Assess the existing Medicaid system and the interface with the Exchange information technology infrastructure required as well as specifications for the accounting and financial system of the Exchange.
  • Develop a financial model to determine administrative fees necessary for financial self sustainability of the Exchange; and
  • Develop legislation to create the governance structure of the Connecticut Exchange.

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