Utah Health Insurance Marketplace Grants Awards List

Utah Health Insurance Marketplace Grants Awards List

Utah has received three grant awards to build its Health Insurance Marketplace.

Summaries of Utah’s applications for each grant are provided below:


Establishment Grant Level One Application Summary

Administrator: Governor’s Office of Economic Development
Award Amount: $1,000,000; $3,247,987, $928,000
Award Date: February 15, 2013; January 22, 2014; May 2, 2014
Application Due Date: December 28, 2012; November 15, 2013; February 14, 2014
Supplement Amount
: $232,000 (May 2, 2014)

Level of Funding: Level One

Administrative Supplement Award Amount: $232,000 (May 2, 2014)

Summary: The Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development received a Level 1 Establishment Grant totaling $1 million to increase the usability of the current solution through technological improvements, performance of a security review of the current small business solution, and expansion of marketing and outreach activities to cover a wider consumer base.

Utah’s SHOP exchange, “Avenue H,” will use its second Level One funds to help improve the enrollment experience for small employer groups by providing tutorials, calculators, and additional census upload functionality to its existing website. Funding from this grant will help Utah implement changes to the state’s All Payers Claims Database in order for the Utah Insurance Department to prepare necessary arrangements to allow for risk adjustment at the state level, and improve the purchasing experience for those small employers buying insurance through Avenue H.

Utah’s third level one grant will cover two key areas of development: Consumer & Stakeholder Engagement & Support Eligibility & Enrollment related technology improvements.

1. Marketing to Employers: Utah is planning to significantly increase the number of participating employers on Avenue H. To do this, the marketplace needs to advertise Avenue H through a wider range and a wider variety of media, which will be the major portion of grant funding. They will also contract with a market research firm to ensure that the message is reaching the correct target market in the right way.

2. Technology Improvements: Utah would like to improve the ease-of-use and functionality of Avenue H’s enrollment and eligibility system. Along with this, they need to make it more scalable to accommodate the anticipated growth in the wake of a larger-scale marketing effort, and also to interface with the Utah Premium Partnership, which is the state’s 1115 Waiver assistance program.

Administrative Supplement Award Amount: $232,000 (May 1, 2014)

Summary:  Utah will use the level one grant supplement to enhance the marketplace’s IT systems and consumer engagement efforts.  Utah will provide resources to convert existing groups to the new technology prior to improving the overall system, providing consumer renewal services, and service gaps in the existing IT system.  Utah will also use resources to focus on outreach and advertising opportunities for small businesses.

State Planning Grant

Awarded September 30, 2010

Administrator: Governor’s Office of Economic Development

Amount Awarded: $1,000,000

  • Use grant funds to allow Utah to continue to moving forward on current Exchange efforts.
  • Expand the Exchange-research to better target potential consumers.
  • Develop web-based tool for eligibility purposes.
  • Fund additional and current staff positions.

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