Part C and Part D Compliance Actions

CMS issues compliance letters, such as notices of non-compliance, warning letters, and Corrective Action Plan requests. We also conduct compliance analyses, including the annual Past Performance Review.

This page contains an Ad hoc Corrective Action Plan (CAP) monthly report, which lists information about Medicare Part C and Part D sponsors that received an ad hoc CAP as well as access to the text of the ad hoc CAP letter. (“Ad hoc CAPs” refers to CAPs issued by CMS that are not included in an audit report.) 

This page also includes results from CMS' Past Performance Review. Specifically, Past Performance Review Outlier Results lists MA organizations and Part D sponsors identified as poor performing or "outlier" organizations. The report lists the name of the organization, whether its performance problems were related to Part C, Part D, or both, and the performance categories in which the entity scored poorly.

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05/10/2023 05:35 PM