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CMS 2015 Medicare Advantage & Prescription Drug Plan Fall Conference & Webcast

The conference provided important new information for Medicare Advantage & Prescription Drug Plan sponsoring organizations during an all-day event designed for staff-level operations, mid-level management, and senior executives.

Agenda as of 9/1/15 (PDF)    |    Participant Instructions to Ask Questions (PDF)    |    Conference Guide (PDF)    |    Presentations as of 9/9/15 (ZIP)    |    Glossary (PDF)

Video Presentations:

Morning Session
Video 1:  Welcome
Video 2:  Opening Remarks
Video 3:  Overview of Medicare Parts C & D
Video 4:  Beneficiary and Pharmacy Outreach: Lessons Learned in Part D
Video 5:  Update on CMMI Demo

Afternoon Session
Video 6:  Alternative Payment Models Panel/Discussion
Video 7:  Part C and D Appeals – Insights from MAXIMUS
Video 8:  Marketing Policy Updates
Video 9:  Getting Ready for 2016
Video 10: Examining the Potential Effects of Socioeconomic Factors on Star Ratings
Video 11: Open Q&A Session
Video 12: Closing Remarks

CMS 2015 Medicare Advantage & Prescription Drug Plan Audit & Enforcement Conference

The conference provided insight into how MA and Part D sponsors can best prepare for a CMS program audit. Sessions included subject matter experts providing  best practices of high performing organizations, common findings from audits, and enforcement consequences

Updated Agenda - As of 6/8/15 (PDF)    |    Conference Guide - As of 6/12/15 (PDF)    |    Updated Presentations - As of 6/29/15 (ZIP)    |    Participant Instructions to Ask Questions (PDF)

Video Presentations:

Morning Session
Video 1:           Welcome
Video 2:           Introductions
Video 3:           How to Prepare for a CMS Audit and an Overview of the Audit Validation Process
Video 4:           Universe Preparation and Submission
Video 5:           The Full Cycle of the Common Conditions Best Practice Memo

Afternoon Session
Video 6:           Part D Point of Sale Pilot
Video 7:           CMS Enforcement Actions
Video 8:           Compliance Program Overview & FWA Requirements-Measuring Effectiveness
Video 9:           Sneak Peak: PILOT Protocols – Provider Network Adequacy and the Medication Therapy Management Protocols
Video 10:         Open Q&A Session
Video 11:         Closing Remarks


CMS 2015 Medicare Advantage & Prescription Drug Plan Spring Conference & Webcast
"Collaborating, Communicating, and Transforming"

The conference brought together CMS experts to provide important new information for the Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan Sponsoring Organizations, CMS staff and other CMS partners, staff-level operations, mid-level management and senior executives regarding updates to existing Medicare policies, new policies, policy updates, and technology updates; provided enrollment and eligibility understanding for various Medicare beneficiaries; and how to fight fraud and abuse within the Medicare program.

Updated Agenda as of 4/17/15 (PDF)    |    Conference Guide (PDF)    |    Presentations as of 5/11/15 (ZIP)    |    Presentation Transcripts (ZIP)

Video Presentations

Morning Session
Video 1:     Welcome
Video 2:     Opening Remarks
Video 3:     2016 Policy and Technical Changes to the Drug Benefit Program
Video 4:     2016 Call Letter Updates- Medicare Part C
Video 5:     2016 Call Letter Updates- Medicare Part D

Afternoon Session
Video 6:     QIP CCIP
Video 7:     Network Management Module
Video 8:     Update and Enrollment Information Session (Panel)
Video 9:     Be Proactive: Support the Fight Against Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA)
Video 10:   Open Q&A Session
Video 11:   Closing Remarks

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