IT Investment Control Phase

During the IT Investment Control Phase, CMS seeks to ensure that selected IT investments/projects continue to meet mission needs at expected levels of cost and risk as the projects are developed and investment expenditures continue.  IT investments/projects are to be managed and implemented in a structured manner, using sound project management practices and ensuring involvement by business stakeholders and technical experts throughout the remaining life cycle.  If the investment/project is not meeting expectations or if problems arise, steps are quickly taken to address the deficiencies.  If mission needs change, CMS is able to adjust its objectives for the investment/project and appropriately modify expected outcomes.

Each selected CMS IT investment/project must ensure the following:

  • Compliance of the proposed solution with CMS's Enterprise Architecture;
  • Compliance with sound systems development life cycle and/or project management processes and practices (including implementation of adequate quality assurance and risk management initiatives);
  • Compliance with applicable CMS systems security standards and requirements;
  • Compliance with applicable Federal requirements concerning privacy compliance and the proper collection, storage, and sharing of data;
  • Compliance with applicable Section 508 accessibility standards and requirements; and
  • Compliance with applicable CMS infrastructure management standards and requirements.
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