Returned Peace Corps Volunteers

Welcome home from your service with the Peace Corps! We understand that as Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs), some of you have fully completed your service, and some of you had your time cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic. No matter the path that led you here, CMS has opportunities for you!

Using your breadth of experience, CMS offers the chance to be on the front lines of public health policy setting for our entire country – setting the stage for the world as a whole. From immediate policy changes responding to a global pandemic to testing innovative health care payment and service delivery models to keeping up with the latest advancements in health care to support regulatory changes, CMS is the leader for the broader health care community.

RPCV Hiring Authority

When you leave the Peace Corps as an RPCV, you have a certification of non-competitive eligibility (NCE) for federal jobs. This means that a federal agency can hire you outside of a formal competitive announcement process for a vacant position.

Appointment must be made within 1 year after the RPCV completes the qualifying service. CMS may extend the period for 2 more years to a total of 3 years if the RPCV, after the qualifying service, is in the military service; is studying at a recognized institution of higher learning; or has been involved in another activity that warrants an extension.

RPCVs whose service ended as a result of the COVID-19 evacuation, regardless of how long they served, and who demonstrated the ability to satisfactorily complete the full term of service, may be certified by their Country Director for NCE. This employment opportunity is also available for Peace Corps staff and Peace Corps Response Volunteers who have completed qualifying service with the Peace Corps and have documented non-competitive eligibility.

How to Apply

If you have been certified as non-competitive eligible and would like to be considered for employment opportunities at CMS, please submit your resume and description of service (DOS) letter to The email subject line should read “RPCV opportunity.” Applications will be entered into the CMS Non-Competitive Resume Database which is accessible by all managers seeking to fill vacant positions.

Additionally, you may monitor CMS vacancy announcements on USA Jobs and apply directly online to positions of interest.

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04/03/2020 11:48 AM