The Enterprise User Administration (EUA) system manages CMS' User IDs which provide access to CMS information systems.  The EUA system is a single system that provides access services.  CMS employees and many contractors have an icon on their desktop for this component.  For those individuals not located at a CMS facility, a link is provided below.  Users unable to access EUA at that link should contact the CMS IT Service Desk at 1-800-562-1963.

EUA is used for:

  • Changing your password.  It is the preferred method for password management.  Password changes in EUA are synchronized with all CMS computer systems that have a EUA agent installed.
  • Setting up password challenge questions.  Users who have set up challenge questions will be able to reset their accounts in the event they have forgotten their passwords.
  • System Access User Id Certification. All users are required to annually verify their system access and take online Security Computer Based Training (CBT).  EUA monitors both of these activities.  In addition, CMS employees who are transferred to another component are required to complete another System Access Certification at that time.  For more information refer to the CMS System User Certification and Computer Based Training (CBT) page on the left navigation.
  • Submitting access and change requests online.
  • Approving CMS User Id Certification (system access) requests, and new application access requests.
  • Viewing current pending requests - only CMS Access Administrators (CAAs) can view requests..

CAAs - for assistance with your CMS User Id, Use the CAA Listing under EUA Info in EUA and simply search for the names of the CAAs who support your component.  Contractors should use their Project Officer’s CAA, unless their company has its own CAA assigned.

Assistance Guides are available in the documentation directory accessed by the links in the section below.

New Users - After a User Id has been established, all subsequent user requests can been initiated by using EUA.  Contact your manager (CMS employees) or your CMS Project Officer (Contractors) for assistance.

EUA Job Codes listing is accessible by individuals with a valid CMS User Id by using the Job code Lising under EUA Info, in EUA.

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