Disproportionate Share Data (DSH)

Disproportionate Share Data (DSH)

Data Availability

Data is available for FY 1998 – 2017

Accessing Data

DSH is now a self-service application.  This new self-service process enables you to enter your data request(s) and retrieve your data files through the CMS Portal.


  1. Obtain a CMS username and password.  Refer to the “CMS DSH Portal and EIDM Access User Manual” for step-by-step instructions on obtaining your CMS EIDM “DSH ENDUSER” username and password.  To enter your DSH ID #, arrow over to the right of screen. (This will be a provider # + the first 4 characters of your last name.  You may also be asked to provide the hospital name associated with the provider # you enter.)
  2. Request approval to use DSH. (Once approved and all provider information has been submitted, you may use DSH for requests.) 
  3. Prior to making any data request in the new DSH front-end process, you must submit an EXCEL file  (IN ALL CAPS) to dshquestions@cms.hhs.gov with the following information for each provider:
  • Column #1 - Your EIDM USER ID (the user ID you setup in EIDM, not your first and last name, unless that is what you chose for your EIDM user ID)
  • Column #2 - Your FIRST NAME (for each provider)
  • Column #3 - Your LAST NAME (for each provider)
  • Column #4 - Your EMAIL ADDRESS (for each provider)
  • Column #5 - PROVIDER # (list all provider numbers; minus ALL dashes)  
  • Column #6 - HOSPITAL NAME (for each provider)

Enhanced Features:

  • User friendly video enhanced training is inserted within the new system.
  • You will receive your data much sooner (within 24 hours Monday-Friday, on non-federal holidays and during building closures).
  • Data requests are now downloadable Excel files.
  • You can request multiple providers and/or multiple date ranges.
  • Data layout is now included within the header of the data files.
  • There is also a 5 year maximum/per data file requested.  Therefore, in instances were > 5 years of data is requested you will now need to request multiple data files.

In an effort to properly track all incoming and outgoing DSH requests, please use the official DSH mailbox CMS DSHquestions - dshquestions@cms.hhs.gov for ALL DSH requests and inquiries.

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