The Digital Service at CMS

The Digital Service at CMS
Digital Service at CMS

Every day, millions of people in this country interact with the healthcare system. We believe these interactions should be straightforward, transparent and seamless. Whether it's looking for health insurance, making sense of medical bills, or researching nursing homes, we are working to unlock medical information and empower people with health data. 

  • 82M people on Medicaid 

  • 63M people on Medicare 

  • 12M found insurance in ACA marketplace  


What does the Digital Service at CMS do?

We work to transform the U.S. healthcare system by: 

  • Modernizing systems
  • Improving the design of healthcare experiences
  • Participating in policy development
  • Delivering value to the government, healthcare providers, and patients 

We accomplish these goals by bringing the best and brightest talent from industry and government to CMS for a "tour of duty." We work alongside dedicated civil servants to solve some of the largest, most complex problems facing our healthcare system. 


Who is the Digital Service at CMS?

The Digital Service at CMS is a mission-driven team that is improving how people interact with healthcare in America. Born out of the U.S. Digital Service, the CMS Digital Service is a team of scrappy, highly-motivated, and passionate civic technologists. We hire for the following roles:

  • Engineers
  • Product managers
  • Designers 
  • Data scientists

Meet our Director, Andrea Fletcher.


Your country needs you!

If you want to show up each day knowing that your work is helping hundreds of millions of Americans, this is the place to be. 

We participate in a “tour of duty” service model where you serve up to 4 years. We are currently hiring and salaries follow the GS pay scale.

While previous healthcare experience is not required, we work at the Digital Service at CMS because we share the mission of improving healthcare. If you're interested in more information, contact

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