Technical Information

Technical Information

Vendor Call

CMS will host a combined IRF-PAI and LTCH informational call for IRF-PAI and LTCH software vendors and developers on Tuesday, March 26, 2024.  The vendor call will pertain to the IRF-PAI Data Specifications Version 5.02.0, posted on the Software web page.

Vendors may submit questions specific to the IRF-PAI October 1, 2024 release to the iQIES mailbox at  Please include "IRF/LTCH VENDOR CALL" in the subject line.  

In addition, please provide a response to the following question: “Do you need CMS to post IRF Data Submission Specifications in the Microsoft Access Database format?"

Your submitted questions and/or response must be e-mailed prior to 6:00 pm ET on Tuesday, March 19, 2024. 

Please note that this call will only cover questions specific to the IRF-PAI and LTCH data specifications and technical information. This call will NOT cover clinical coding, quality reporting requirements or policies, and payment policies.  If you are not a software vendor or developer, do NOT attend this call.

CMS strongly recommends that all vendors attend this call.

Please see Downloads below for further information about the vendor/developer call.

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