Public Reporting of SNF VBP Program Data

CMS publicly reports SNF VBP Program facility-level and aggregate-level results on the Provider Data Catalog website. SNFs are given the opportunity to review their confidential feedback reports before results are made publicly available. Generally, SNF VBP Program facility-level and aggregate-level results are made publicly available in the fall following distribution of the annual Performance Score Reports.

The publicly reported facility-level results include the following:

  • SNF VBP Program rankings
  • Facility information (CMS Certification Numbers [CCNs], facility names, and facility addresses)
  • Baseline period risk-standardized readmission rates (RSRRs)
  • Performance period RSRRs
  • Achievement scores
  • Improvement scores
  • Performance scores
  • Incentive payment multipliers

The publicly reported aggregate-level results include the following:

  • The unadjusted national average readmission rates for the baseline period and performance period
  • The achievement threshold and benchmark (that is, the performance standards for a given Program year)
  • The range of performance scores
  • The total number of SNFs receiving value-based incentive payments
  • The range of incentive payment multipliers
  • The range of value-based incentive payments (in dollars)
  • The total amount of value-based incentive payments (in dollars)

Starting with the FY 2023 Program year, as part of the case minimum policy finalized in the FY 2023 SNF PPS final rule (pages 4759147592), SNFs that do not meet the SNF 30-Day All-Cause Readmission Measure’s (SNFRM’s) case minimum (25 or more eligible stays) in the applicable performance period are excluded from the SNF VBP Program for the affected Program year. CMS will not publicly report any data on the Provider Data Catalog for excluded SNFs.

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