Beginning in 2020, State Survey Agencies will begin using an internet-based system for survey functions known as the internet Quality Improvement and Evaluation System (iQIES). iQIES will replace and consolidate functionality from the QIES, CASPER and ASPEN legacy systems. 

This page will serve as a resource for State Survey Agencies and CMS approved Accrediting Organizations using iQIES.

Getting Started with iQIES

In spring 2020, the initial iQIES release will contain Survey & Certification capabilities for Home Health Agencies (HHAs) and will be released to State Agencies and Accrediting Organizations.  CMS is planning to conduct a limited State pilot to gather data and user feedback so that we can ensure the best possible experience for iQIES users nationwide. CMS anticipates releasing Survey & Certification capabilities nationally to all users soon after the initial release.

All users must create a HARP account to access iQIES

To comply with federal security mandates, CMS is initiating new security requirements for access control to CMS Quality Systems via the HCQIS Access, Roles and Profile system (HARP). In order to access iQIES, users will need to create an account and establish credentials in HARP.

PLEASE NOTE: It may be helpful to first review the iQIES training video ‘How to Create an Account’ that demonstrates this process at Further, an onboarding guide is provided for your reference:

Understanding your iQIES Role

State Agency HARP Roles

State Agency Security Officials

A State Agency Security Official will approve/reject iQIES access requests for employees of their State Agency.

A State Agency Security Official will still be able to carry out the duties that a state ASPEN technical point of contact may have, such as surveyor account creation, updating provider demographic information, input of survey information, letter management, etc. States may elect to have their ASPEN technical point of contact or system administrators register for this role in iQIES. Assessment and ASPEN Technical Coordinators will be logical candidates for this role because of their technical understanding and their experience in working with providers and state agency personnel.

State Agency General User

Same capabilities as above except for the ability to approve/reject iQIES access requests for employees of their State Agency.

Accrediting Organization HARP Roles

Accrediting Organization Security Official

The Accrediting Organization Security Official (AOSO) will approve or reject user role requests in HARP for their organization, such as an additional AOSO and AO general users. In iQIES, the AOSO will only be able to access their profile page. If the AOSO requires additional functionalities, they should also request the AO User role, which can only be approved by another AOSO. This is why we are recommending that each AO have at least 2 security officials.

Accrediting Organization General User

Same capabilities as above except for the ability to approve/reject iQIES access requests for other AO employees.

Help and Additional Resources

We know this is a shift in the way you’re used to working. We anticipate higher than normal call volume at the QIES Technical Support Office (QTSO) Help Desk. Therefore, we encourage you to take advantage of our online support options listed below before calling.

FAQs (PDF)- Based on your input, we’ve compiled a list of your Frequently Asked Questions. We will continue to update this document as we learn more.

Onboarding Training Guide – This guide provide step-by-step instruction for getting started with iQIES

QCOR - The Quality, Certification and Oversight Reports (QCOR) website provides summarized survey and certification data, including results of on-site inspections of providers and suppliers.

QTSO – The QIES Technical Support Office is a website that provides technical guidance such as references & manuals, software tools and training materials for providers, and vendors as well as state agency, regional office personnel and other organizations performing Survey & Certification functions.

Help Desk – The service desk is available 8:00am (ET) to 8:00pm (ET) Monday through Friday, at: or by phone at 800-339-9313.

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