Section 508 Testing Process

CMS requires that all newly purchased or developed Information and Communication Technology (ICT) including new versions or releases, meet Section 508 Compliance standards.

This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) software
  • Hardware (scanners, printers, copiers, etc.)
  • Applications and systems developed for use by CMS
  • Websites including Portals, Exchanges, secure websites, the CMS Intranet, and public facing websites

Overview of the CMS Section 508 Testing Process:
Steps for CMS Application Owners seeking to have ICT tested for Section 508:

  1. Request a completed VPAT from vendor/contractor. (You can find the VPAT here)
  2. Submit a testing request to the CMS IT Service Desk.
  3. Complete a testing plan.
  4. Submit testing plan and ACR to the Testing Team.

Steps for the Section 508 Clearance Officer/Program Team:

  1. Review submitted ACR for conformance to accessibility standards.
  2. Report findings from ACR assessment to Application Owner.
  3. Send ACR to Testing Team.

Steps for Section 508 Testing Team:

  1. Schedule validation testing with Application Owner, Section 508 Program Team and 508 Tester.
  2. Conduct validation test.
  3. Prepare Test Summary Report.

Steps for the Section 508 Program Team:

      11. If the ICT passes validation testing, notify the Procurement Team.
      12. If it does not pass, notify the CMS Application Owner to request remediation.

Final Steps for CMS Application Owner:

      13. Implement ICT after receiving validation approval.
      14. Or (in the case of required remediation), complete modifications or enhancements and return to Step 1.)

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