Public Reporting & Certificates

MIPPA requires that CMS and facilities inform beneficiaries about facility performance under the ESRD QIP. CMS does this in two primary ways:

  1. Posting information to the Dialysis Facility Compare website and elsewhere
  2. Requiring dialysis facilities to post a Performance Score Certificate (PSC) that outlines how well it performed under the ESRD QIP

Dialysis Facility Compare

CMS posts each facility’s Total Performance Score and scores on each individual measure through its Dialysis Facility Compare website.

Performance Score Summary Reports

CMS also posts a Performance Score Summary Report (PSSR) data file, a sizeable spreadsheet containing the performance values of each facility for the given Payment Year. 

Public Use Data Files

Part of the ESRD QIP rulemaking process includes proposing and finalizing performance values that CMS calculates for each clinical measure, along with the minimum Total Performance Score, for the PY in question. In order for the stakeholder community to repeat and verify the accuracy of CMS’s calculations, CMS releases to the public a sizeable spreadsheet containing the facility-level data used to calculate those percentiles.  CMS removes the facility identifiers in these reference files.

Performance Score Certificates

MIPPA also requires that CMS furnishes each dialysis facility with a PSC that documents the facility’s Total Performance Score.  The law requires that facilities display their PSC in a prominent location within fifteen business days of the PSC’s release. The initial PSC reported facility scores as part of PY 2012; new PSCs will be provided annually thereafter. CMS provides the PSC in English and in Spanish. Sample PSCs can be found from the following list.

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