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jHAVEN (Home Assessment Validation and Entry System) v1.4.0, currently available under the related links section at the bottom of this webpage, is a Java-based application which allows Home Healthcare providers to collect and maintain agency, patient and OASIS assessment data for subsequent submission to the appropriate national data repository. jHAVEN is a free software application provided by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Please consult the jHAVEN Installation and User Guides for additional information.

January 2019 – jHAVEN v1.4.0

jHAVEN v1.4.0 includes the following enhancements:

  • OASIS D Data Set (effective 01/01/2019)
  • v2.30 OASIS Data Submission Specifications
  • v8119 Home Health PPS Grouper

Please Note: Users do not need a previous installation of jHAVEN to download or use jHAVEN v1.4.0. Please contact the QTSO Help Desk by phone at (877) 201-4721 or by email to for additional instructions or assistance if needed.

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