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jHAVEN (Home Assessment Validation and Entry System) v1.4.1, currently available under the related links section at the bottom of this webpage, is a Java-based application which allows Home Healthcare providers to collect and maintain agency, patient and OASIS assessment data for subsequent submission to the appropriate national data repository. jHAVEN is a free software application provided by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Please consult the jHAVEN Installation and User Guides for additional information.

October 2019 – jHAVEN v1.4.1

It is strongly recommended that you use Chrome to download the jHAVEN application. If using Internet Explorer, you may receive a pop-up message warning that the application you are about to install is “…an unrecognized app” and Windows has prevented the app from starting or that the signature is invalid. If you do receive a warning message like this, you can still complete the installation by either right-clicking on the jHAVENSetup…exe, or selecting “More info”, where you will have the option to “Run anyway”. Once you select to run, the install process will complete as usual.

jHAVEN v1.4.1 includes the following enhancements:

  • v8219 of the Home Health PPS Grouper (effective 10/01/2019)

January 2019 – jHAVEN v1.4.0

jHAVEN v1.4.0 includes the following enhancements:

  • OASIS D Data Set (effective 01/01/2019)
  • v2.30 OASIS Data Submission Specifications
  • v8119 Home Health PPS Grouper

Please Note: Users do not need a previous installation of jHAVEN to download or use jHAVEN v1.4.1. Please contact the QTSO Help Desk by phone at (877) 201-4721 or by email to for additional instructions or assistance if needed.

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