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Physician Compare Initiative

Welcome to the Physician Compare Initiative webpage. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) provides this site to give physicians and other clinicians the latest resources and information about Physician Compare, a website designed to help consumers make informed choices about the health care they receive through Medicare.

What’s New

CMS Offering a Supplemental 30-Day Preview Period for Physician Compare

This is the first year that Quality Payment Program performance information will be publicly reported, and many stakeholders have asked CMS for additional time to review their data before it’s publicly reported. We’ve listened to that feedback and are offering a supplemental Physician Compare preview period. All eligible clinicians and groups should check their performance information by logging into the Quality Payment Program website.

The supplemental 30-day preview period is officially open as of March 28, 2019 and will close on April 27, 2019. We’ve included the latest 2017 performance information that is available for public reporting. Even if you previously did not have performance information to preview, you may have updated performance information to preview now. All clinicians and groups are advised to login to the Quality Payment Program website and check their most current performance information. In year two of the Quality Payment Program and moving forward, we expect a standard 30-day preview period.

Check out the resources below on how to preview your performance information:

For additional assistance with accessing the Quality Payment Program website, or obtaining your HARP user role, contact the Quality Payment Program service center at

To learn more about the 2017 Quality Payment Program performance information and 2016 clinician utilization data that are available for preview, download these documents from the Physician Compare Initiative page:

If you have any questions about Physician Compare, public reporting, or the supplemental 30-day preview period, please contact us at

Webinar Materials Available – “Public Reporting on Physician Compare: What you need to know” Webinars

On July 24, 26, and August 2, the Physician Compare support team hosted webinars about “Public Reporting and Physician Compare: What you need to know”. We presented information about public reporting on Physician Compare and what’s in the pipeline for potential inclusion on the website starting in late 2018, including Year 1 Quality Payment Program performance information. The presentation slides, recording, and transcript of this webinar are now available.

If you have questions about Physician Compare or any of the materials shared, contact us at

Contact Physician Compare

Do you have questions, suggestions, or other feedback for Physician Compare? Then contact the Physician Compare support team at