Electronic Filing

Electronic filing is available through the Office of Hearings Case and Document Management System ("OH CDMS"). OH CDMS is a web-based portal for parties to enter and maintain their cases and to correspond with the MGCRB. Access to specific cases is limited to the provider and designated representative of the case.

Beginning with the federal fiscal year 2020 reclassification application cycle, the MGCRB requires applications, supporting documents, and subsequent correspondence to be filed through OH CDMS. Also, the MGCRB will issue all of its notices and decisions via email and these documents will be accessible through OH CDMS.

OH CDMS may be accessed through the CMS Enterprise Portal, which is a single point of entry to numerous CMS applications and systems. Users must register for access to the portal, to the Salesforce application, and to OH CDMS. See https://portal.cms.gov.

Manuals are included below to assist with the registration process and the functionality of the MGCRB module. For any system questions, please contact the OH CDMS Help Desk at 1-833-783-8255 or Helpdesk_OHCDMS@cms.hhs.gov.

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