Revised PRRB Rules (August 29, 2018)

The Board has made revisions to the PRRB Rules (See Alert 15). These rules are effective August 29, 2018 and supersede previous rules and instructions. The Board may further revise these rules to reflect changes in the law, regulations or the Board's policy and procedures.

The Board has implemented a new electronic filing tool, the Office of Hearings Case and Document Management System (“OH CDMS”). The Board strongly encourages the use of this system, but while in transition is providing updated Model Forms for reference purposes. These updated forms are included as Appendices A – G within the Board Rules.

Correspondence Notice

The PRRB will send all official correspondence via e-mail through OH CDMS. The representative is responsible for informing the Board of changes in his or her contact information (including e-mail address), for meeting the Board’s deadlines and for timely responding to correspondence or requests from the Board or the opposing party. Therefore, it is imperative that the Provider maintain current contact information on file with the Board. Also, please modify your spam filter to accept e-mail from the PRRB. This will help ensure that you receive the Board's correspondence and it is not sent to an obsolete address or to your spam or junk e-mail box.

In addition, please watch this website for Alerts, answers to Frequently Asked Questions, and other notices.


We welcome written suggestions regarding the Board Rules and OH CDMS.  Please send your suggestions to We will consider every suggestion but may not respond to each one.

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