Plan Connectivity Preparation

Provided below are descriptions of documentation and forms necessary to participate in the MAPD Program.  The documents are available in the Downloads section at the bottom of this page.


Data Exchange Preparation Procedures (DEPP)

Provided in this procedure document is guidance for all Plans that need to establish connectivity and exchange data for participation in the MAPD Program.  The following topics are covered:

  • Obtain a Contract Number from CMS/HPMS
  • HPMS Plan Connectivity Data Module
  • EPOC Designation Letter to CMS
  • Register in IDM
  • Request roles for MAPD Systems
  • Data Transfer Protocol
    • T1 Line and Connect:Direct
    • TIBCO MFT Internet Server SFTP
    • TIBCO MFT Internet Server Web Interface
  • Connectivity Testing
  • Plan Connectivity Checklist


Plan Connectivity Checklist

The Plan Connectivity Checklist contained in the DEPP document is also available as a separate document.


Secure Point of Entry (SPOE)  ID Request Form

Plans that will use a T1 Connect:Direct line must complete the SPOE ID Request Form.


Enterprise File Transfer (EFT) Partner Server Form

Plans that will use a TIBCO MFT Platform or Internet Server connection must complete the EFT Partner Server Form.  This form is not needed for other connectivity methods.


External Point of Contact (EPOC) Designation Letter

This is the template for the EPOC Designation Letter.


EPOC Access Acknowledgement Form

This is the EPOC Access Acknowledgement Form to assist with the EPOC registration process.

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