CAHPS Hospice Survey

CAHPS Hospice Survey

Overview: The CAHPS® Hospice Survey gathers information on the experiences of hospice patients and their informal caregivers’ perspectives of their loved ones’ care with hospice services.  Current trends are toward increased use of hospice services in the U.S.  More than a million Americans are receiving hospice services annually.  The Hospice CAHPS Survey started national implementation in January 2015.

About the survey: The CAHPS Hospice Survey samples the primary caregivers of deceased hospice patients who meet survey criteria.  Survey administration will occur several months after the death.  The survey includes the following key topics: starting hospice care; help for the patients’ symptoms, communication with the hospice team, caregivers’ own experiences with hospice care services; an overall rating of hospice care, and a question about willingness to recommend the hospice.  There are three approved modes of survey administration: mail only, telephone only, and mixed (mail followed by telephone).

Policy relevance: The CAHPS Hospice Survey is a component of the Hospice Quality Reporting Program (HQRP). The HQRP is currently “pay-for-reporting,” meaning it is the timely submission and acceptance of complete data that determines compliance with HQRP requirements. Compliance with reporting determines market basket updates (referred to as Annual Payment Updates (APU)). For more information about the HQRP, visit CMS publishes the results of the CAHPS Hospice Survey on Care Compare on Publicly reported CAHPS Hospice Survey results are based on eight quarters of survey data and are updated every quarter.

For more information, please visit the CAHPS Hospice Survey website:  You may also contact CMS at or the CAHPS Hospice Survey project team at

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