MMCO Statistical & Analytic Reports



Monthly Enrollment Snapshots (national, state, & county)


Enrollment Trends

  • Managed Care Enrollment Trends

                   Managed Care Enrollment Trends (2006-2017 Data) (PDF)

  • Annual (Medicare-Medicaid Duals) Enrollment Trends (Ever-enrolled)

Twelve-year Ever-enrolled Trends Report (2006-2018 Data) (PDF)

Twelve-year Ever-enrolled Trends Report - Accompanying Data Tables (2006-2018 Data) (XLSX)

  • National- and State-level Trends

National- and State-level Trends (2006-2011 Data) (XLSX)


Public Use File (PUF) of Demographic, Enrollment, Condition Prevalence, Utilization, & Spending (national- & state-level) - Latest Release 2006-2012 MMLEADS Data


Annual Profiles





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