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Program Data

The Shared Savings Program makes data on Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) publicly available through different sources. Find the most recent data on this webpage and For a complete list of publicly available data, reference Publicly Available Data Sources and ACO Performance Data maintained by CMS.

ACO Participation and Performance Data

Program Fast Facts

Provides summary information about the Shared Savings Program, including:

  • Historical program information (including program size, quality, and shared savings)
  • 2018 ACO information (including characteristics, composition, and participation information)
  • 2018 ACO assigned beneficiary population

2018 Shared Savings Program Fast Facts

Previous Program Fast Facts are available in the Fast Facts Archives.


Displays an interactive map of the U.S. showing (pinpoint) locations of Shared Savings Program ACOs and select details including:

  • ACO service area
  • ACO Public Contact information
  • ACO public reporting website

2019 Shared Savings Program ACO Map

List of ACOs

Provides organizational information about ACOs including:

  • Name
  • Start date
  • Track
  • Address
  • Service area
  • Public reporting website
  • Executive Contact information
  • Public Contact information

2019 Shared Savings Program ACOs

List of ACO Participants

Shows a listing of ACO participants by ACO name.

2019 Shared Savings Program ACO Participants

List of Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Affiliates

Shows a listing of ACO SNF affiliates by ACO name.

2019 Shared Savings Program SNF Affiliates

ACO Public Use File (PUF)

To address the increasing number of requests for Shared Savings Program ACO data and to inform those interested in the policies finalized in the Shared Savings Program, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has created standard analytical files providing publicly available information.

  • Shared Savings Program ACO PUF: Provides financial and quality performance data for each de-identified ACO, by performance year, including the following:
    • Overall quality score
    • Final sharing rate
    • Minimum savings rate (MSR)
    • Minimum loss rate (MLR)
    • Benchmark
    • Assigned beneficiary demographic characteristics and provider/supplier composition

A subset of quality measure data is also reported on the Physician Compare website. Publishing these measures supports the goal of transparency and allows stakeholders to better understand key elements of quality of care performance.

  • Shared Savings Program Benchmark Rebasing PUFs: Standard analytical files of the regional fee-for-service (FFS) expenditures used to calculate the rebased historical benchmarks for ACOs in their second or subsequent agreement periods beginning in 2017 and onward, and the annual updates to these rebased benchmarks. For each calendar year, CMS will release two PUFs: (1) Aggregate Expenditure and Risk Score Data on Assignable Beneficiaries by County PUF and (2) Number of ACO Assigned Beneficiaries by County.


Research Identifiable Files (RIFs)

Certain identifiable performance year data is available through ResDAC for a fee to researchers who obtain an appropriate Data Use Agreement (DUA).

  • Beneficiary-Level RIF: Beneficiary-identifiable data for every beneficiary assigned to a Shared Savings Program ACO, including: ACO identifier, preliminary assignment, quarter of assignment, final assignment, unique beneficiary identifier, date of birth/death, gender, race, reason for Medicare eligibility, dual status, Part D enrollment status, and monthly eligibility flag.
  • Provider-Level RIF: Provider-identifiable data for institutional and individual providers who participated in a Shared Savings Program ACO during the performance year, including: ACO name and start date; provider identifiers; and provider characteristics (facility type – institutions; practice type/specialty – individuals, count primarily served).



For information on Shared Savings Program file functionality, reference ACOs in Your State.


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