IRF Experience of Care

Development of the Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility Experience of Care Survey


The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) developed an experience of care survey for inpatient rehabilitation facilities (IRFs). Under contract with Research Triangle Institute International (RTI International), the survey was developed in accordance with the Blueprint for the CMS Measures Management System and Getting the CAHPS® Trademark: A Guide for Survey Developers (note: this survey does not have the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems [CAHPS] trademark). While CMS is not including this survey in the IRF Quality Reporting Program at this time, CMS is providing this survey and accompanying materials for public use. CMS is not able to provide assistance to facilities on the use of this survey, answer technical questions about the use of this survey, or provide analysis support. Facilities and vendors should not send survey data to CMS; survey data submitted to CMS will be deleted. CMS is able to answer basic questions about the survey by emailing:

Mode Experiment Executive Summary (PDF) – Provides an Executive Summary of the mode experiment. The mode experiment followed the field test and had the aim to assess the mode of survey delivery (mail-only, telephone only, and mail with telephone follow-up); test reliability, validity, and consistency; and develop risk adjustment models.

Patient Mix Adjustment (PDF) – This document explains the process for developing adjustments for mode and patient risk factors on the survey. Mode and patient risk adjustment, also known as patient mix or case mix adjustment, is a statistical process that adjusts facility performance scores up or down to account for significant sources of bias in facilities’ data that are beyond their control.

English Survey (PDF) – This is the English version of the survey.

Spanish Survey (PDF)– This is the Spanish version of the survey.

Generic Cover Letter (PDF) – This is a generic version of cover letters (English and Spanish) to accompany the survey. It is recommended that these be tailored prior to use.

English CATI Script (PDF) – This is the Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) script in English.

Spanish CATI Script (PDF) - This is the CATI scrip in Spanish.

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