Quality Measures & You: Other Stakeholders

CMS is committed to coordinating with federal and private partners, and developing strategies to align measures across public programs and private-sector initiatives. While persons & families, clinicians, facilities, and measures developers are very important stakeholders, so are other stakeholder groups such as health plan providers, payers, academic researchers, and local, state and federal government agencies. These groups all have a role in creating and using clinical quality measures and their participation adds value.

Why You Should Get Involved:

One of the goals of the CMS Quality Strategy is to work with communities to promote best practices of healthy living. This goal includes partnering with and supporting federal, state, and local public health improvement efforts. As partners, stakeholders such as yourself have an important role in providing feedback and suggestions regarding measure development.

Ways to Get Involved:

One way to stay informed and involved is to attend the monthly MMS Information Sessions. Material from these are posted on the Webinars and Presentations page. You can also subscribe to the MMS listserv to receive the monthly newsletter with articles and information on measure development and sign up to get notifications on current opportunities.

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09/06/2023 04:51 PM