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LTSS Resource Library

The LTSS Resource Library is a collection of resources for tribal, IHS, and Urban Indian health providers with questions about long-term services and supports.

Choose a topic to learn more. This library is updated on an ongoing basis.

LTSS Models

  • What types of care make up long-term services and supports (LTSS)?
  • What kinds of tribal involvement are required?
  • Are other tribes providing LTSS care?
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  • Home- and community-based services (HCBS)
    • PACE: Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly
    • MFP: Money Follows the Person
  • Facility-based care
  • Tribal involvement
  • Successful tribal LTSS programs
  • Video documentaries
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Find LTSS Programs

  • Which federally recognized tribes have LTSS programs right now?
  • What types of services do these programs offer?
  • How can I get in touch with tribally operated programs?
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  • Tribal programs for home- and community-based services
  • Tribally operated nursing homes
  • Indian Health Service LTSS programs
  • Urban LTSS programs
  • Partner programs and other nonprofits
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LTSS Research

  • How is aging affecting AI/AN people and communities?
  • What programs and funding sources are available?
  • What do current programs have in common?
  • What information is available about disability in Indian Country?
  • How are tribes providing hospice care in Indian Country?
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  • Numbers, statistics, and background information for the AI/AN population as a whole
  • Research papers analyzing trends and successes
  • Literature reviews
  • Program profiles
  • New and updated LTSS research
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LTSS Financing

  • Who/what funds LTSS programs?
  • How can tribal programs access these funds?
  • How can my tribe and the state work together to fund LTSS programs?
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  • Steps for LTSS programs
  • Working with your state
  • Learn about FMAP
  • Understand the reimbursement process
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LTSS Webinars

  • Where can I find more information on LTSS programs and resources?
  • How can I learn about other tribally operated LTSS programs?
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  • Recordings and transcripts of monthly LTSS webinars
  • Webinars are presented by tribal and IHS program staff
  • Webinars address many aspects of providing LTSS in tribal communities
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State Resources

What LTSS resources and agencies are available in my state?

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  • Detailed information for each state with federally recognized tribes
  • Contacts for the LTSS agencies and organizations in your state
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State Medicaid Plans and Waivers

  • Which LTSS services does my state's Medicaid Plan cover?
  • Are additional LTSS services covered through Medicaid waivers?
  • What waiver types are available?
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  • State resources available to support LTSS in your community
  • List of relevant Medicaid waivers for each state
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National LTSS Resources

  • What LTSS resources are available at the national level?
  • Which organizations can help me learn about different aspects of LTSS care?
  • Where can I find more information and data about community needs?
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  • Federal agencies
  • National organizations
  • University resource centers
  • State and tribal epicenters
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