Pueblo of Zuni's LTSS Network

Points of Contact
Karen Leekity
Title VI Director

Theresa Bowannie
Home Health Care Services Director

Pueblo of Zuni has a wide network of long-term services and supports that are focused on elders. These programs work together to provide comprehensive care to elders within the community. The main programs in this network are listed in the following sections.

The Zuni Adult Day Center

The Adult Day Center offers respite care and activities for tribal members with dementia. Volunteers began the program in 1998 and ran it out of a room in the senior center. The program had its own facility built in 2006. The Adult Day Center receives financial support from the Title VI Nutrition for the Elderly Program, the Title V Older Worker Program, and the State of New Mexico.

Zuni Home Health Services

Zuni Home Health Services provides skilled nursing care, which includes services such as injections and wound care. The program also offers home health aide services, which assist those who need care with daily activities. Zuni Home Health Services is a federally qualified health center and receives Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement.

The Zuni Senior Center

The senior center provides many services to the elderly, including:

  • Companionship
  • Disease prevention and health promotion activities
  • Education
  • Home-delivered meals
  • Household chores
  • Nutrition
  • Recreational and social activities
  • Transportation

The Zuni Senior Center also administers six programs:

  1. State Title VI Program
  2. Title V Older Worker Program
  3. Title VI Nutrition for the Elderly
  4. Zuni Foster Grandparent Volunteer Program
  5. Zuni Senior Companion Volunteer Program
  6. Community Services Block Grant

The IHS Hospital's Elder Care Program

This program assesses and manages the needs of elders. The Elder Care Program collaborates with Zuni Home Health Services, the Zuni Senior Center, public health nurses, and other community groups.

The Elderly Services Coordinating Committee

The Committee is responsible for coordinating the programs listed on this page, as well as other services. Originally known as the Elder Task Force, it was formed to find and address gaps in services for elders. In 2009, because its services had increased, the Pueblo of Zuni changed the group into a committee that meets quarterly.

Watch a short video about the development of the Pueblo of Zuni's LTSS programs and how those programs have benefitted the community.

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