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Title Date
Proper Coding for Specimen Validity Testing Billed in Combination with Urine Drug Testing 2019-04-04
Medical Records Documentation 2014-12-01
Hospital Discharge Day Management 2014-10-01
Submitting Requests to Reopen Claims 2014-09-01
Proper Use of Modifier 59 2014-08-01
Proper Use of Modifier 51 2014-05-01
Computed Tomography (CT) Scans 2014-04-01
Signature Guidelines for Medical Review Process 2014-02-01
Chiropractic Services Billing 2013-12-01
Services Furnished to a Beneficiary in Custody Under Penal Authority 2013-11-01
Part A to Part B Billing of Denied Hospital Inpatient Claims 2013-09-01
Complying with Signature Requirements for Diagnostic Tests 2013-06-01
Medically Unnecessary Inpatient Hospitalizations 2013-04-01
Filing Requests for Redeterminations 2013-03-01
Part A Inpatient Stay and DMEPOS 2013-02-01
Inpatient Stays Paid Under Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS) 2013-01-01
Legible Medical Records 2012-12-01
Signature Requirements 2012-10-01
Medicare Appeals 2012-06-01
Correct Claims Submission when Secondary Payers are Involved 2012-04-01
Medical Necessity Documentation 2012-02-01
Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Therapy 2012-01-01
Power Mobility Devices Compliance with Documentation & Coverage Requirements 2011-11-01
Medicare Overpayments 2011-09-01
Medical Necessity for Inpatient Rehabilitation Admission 2011-05-01
Signature Requirements 2015-12-15
Enteral Nutrition Pumps 2015-05-03
Inpatient Psychiatric Services 2016-02-22
Advanced Life Support Ambulance Services: Insufficient Documentation -- Reminder 2017-11-02
Psychiatry and Psychotherapy CMS Provider Minute Video 2017-09-28
Nasal Endoscopy 2016-08-18
Hospital Discharge Day Management Services 2016-08-04
Chiropractic Services: High Improper Payment Rate within Medicare FFS Part B 2016-07-14
Evaluation and Management: Billing the Correct Level of Service 2016-09-30
OIG Video: Reporting Fraud to the Office of the Inspector General 2017-11-22
Importance of Documentation 2016-10-20
Duplicate Claims 2016-10-27
Compliance Program Basics 2016-11-10
False Claims Act 2016-11-17
Enteral Infusion Pumps 2016-11-25
Billing For Stem Cell Transplants - Reminder 2018-12-20
Billing for Ambulance Transports 2017-09-14
Compliance Programs and Fraud and Abuse Laws 2016-12-15
Duplicate Claims 2017-06-08
CMS Provider Minute: CT Scans Video 2018-01-18
Hospital Discharge Day Management Services CMS Provider Minute Video 2017-12-07
Reporting Changes in Ownership - Reminder 2019-01-24
Home Health Care: Proper Certification Required 2018-02-15
Ambulance Fee Schedule and Medicare Transports 2019-08-22
Cardiac Device Credits: Medicare Billing 2019-07-18
Lumbar Spinal Fusion CMS Provider Minute Video 2017-09-07
Hospice Election Statements Lack Required Information or Have Other Vulnerabilities - Reminder 2019-01-17
Cochlear Devices Replaced Without Cost: Bill Correctly -- Reminder 2019-01-31
CMS Provider Minute Video: Coude Tip Catheter 2017-10-19
Automatic External Defibrillators: Inadequate Medical Record Documentation 2017-06-01
Evaluation and Management: Correct Coding - Reminder 2017-11-16
Chiropractic Services: High Improper Payment Rate within Medicare FFS Part B 2017-07-06
Inpatient Skilled Nursing Facility Denials 2017-08-18
CMS Provider Minute: Preventive Services Video 2017-08-25
Medicare Hospital Claims: Avoid Coding Errors 2019-02-14
Proper Use of the KX Modifier for Part B Immunosuppressive Drug Claims 2019-04-25
Payment for Outpatient Services Provided to Beneficiaries Who Are Inpatients of Other Facilities 2019-10-03
Bill Correctly for Device Replacement Procedures 2019-09-12
Provider Compliance Tips For Laboratory Blood Counts Fact Sheet 2019-05-09
Provider Compliance Tips for Hospital Beds and Accessories 2018-03-15
Provider Compliance Tips for Diabetic Test Strips 2018-03-29
Provider Compliance Tips for Oral Anticancer Drugs and Antiemetic Drugs Used in Conjunction 2018-04-12
Ophthalmology Services: Questionable Billing and Improper Payments 2018-11-01
Provider Compliance Tips for Ordering Lower Limb Orthoses 2018-05-03
Provider Minute Video: The Importance of Proper Documentation 2019-05-23
Comprehensive Error Rate Testing: Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair 2018-06-28
Improper Payment for Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy Planning Services 2019-05-16
Patient Discharge Status Codes Matter 2018-10-25
DME Proof of Delivery Documentation Requirements 2019-03-28
Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility Services: Follow Medicare Billing Requirements 2019-04-18
Chiropractic Services: Comply with Medicare Billing Requirements 2019-05-30
Outpatient Rehabilitation Therapy Services: Comply with Medicare Billing Requirements 2019-06-13
DMEPOS: Bill Correctly for Items Provided During Inpatient Stays 2019-07-25
Skilled Nursing Facility 3-Day Rule Billing 2019-08-08
Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities (IRFs): Improving Documentation Positively Impacts CERT Web-Based Training (WBT) 2019-08-29