End-Stage Renal Disease Facilities

End-Stage Renal Disease Facilities

Publication date:

        Initial CfCs- 1976

        2008 ESRD Conditions Final Rule- April 15, 2008

Effective dates:

The revised CfCs, published in 2008, have been fully implemented.

Brief description of document(s):

The ESRD CfCs are the minimum health and safety rules that all Medicare and Medicaid participating dialysis facilities must meet.

The April 15, 2008 ESRD Conditions Final Rule modernizes Medicare's ESRD health and safety conditions for coverage and updates CMS standards for delivering safe, high-quality care to dialysis patients. The revised regulations are patient-centered; reflect improvements in clinical standards of care, the use of more advanced technology, and, most notably, a framework to incorporate performance measures viewed by the scientific and medical community to be related to the quality of care provided to dialysis patients.


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