Transplant Centers

Transplant Centers

Publication date:

     The final rule was published March 30, 2007.

Effective date:

     Final rule effective June 28, 2007

CFR section numbers:

    42   CFR §§482.68 - 482.104

    Affected CFR sections:

        Part 405 Subpart U --- §405.2102, §405.2120 – 405.2124, 405.2130, and §405.2170 - §405.2171.

        Part 482 is amended by revising subpart E to read as Subpart E – Requirements for Specialty Hospitals and 42 CFR §§482.68 - 482.104.

        Part 488 --- §488.61 Special procedures for approval and re-approval of organ transplant centers is added to subpart B.

CFR section descriptions:

    42 CFR Part 482 Medicare Program: Hospital Conditions of Participation: Requirements for Approval and Re-approval of Transplant Centers to Perform Organ Transplants; Final Rule.

Brief description of document(s):

    The final rule sets forth new conditions of participation (CoPs) with data submission, clinical experience, outcome  and process requirements. The requirements focus on an organ transplant center's ability to perform successful transplants and deliver quality patient care as evidenced by outcomes and sound policies and procedures. The CoPs include requirements to protect the health and safety of both transplant recipients and living donors.

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