Application Toolkit

Application Reference Manual (Updated 6/01/2022) (PDF)

The Application Reference Manual is the primary resource for ACOs applying to the Shared Savings Program and guides ACOs through the application process.

In addition to the Application Reference Manual, the resources below will assist ACOs with submitting the different elements of their application(s) and responding to requests for information (RFIs) in the ACO Management System (ACO-MS).   

Advance Investment Payments 

Applies to initial applicants identified as low revenue and inexperienced with performance-based risk Medicare ACO initiatives interested in receiving Advance Investment Payments (AIP)

The Shared Savings Program will offer a new payment option, known as Advance Investment Payments, to provide an opportunity for many entities in rural and underserved areas to join together as ACOs, build the infrastructure needed to succeed in the program, and promote equity by holistically addressing beneficiary needs, including social needs.

ACO Participant List and Participant Agreement Guidance (Updated 6/01/2022) (PDF)

Applies to all ACOs

ACO Banking Form Instructions (Updated 5/18/2022) (PDF)

Applies to all ACOs

Repayment Mechanism Arrangements Guidance (Updated 6/01/2022) (PDF)

Applies to ACOs electing to participate in two-sided risk

SNF 3-Day Rule Waiver Guidance (Updated 6/01/2022) (PDF) 

Applies to ACOs applying for a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) 3-Day Rule Waiver 

Beneficiary Incentive Program Guidance (Updated 5/14/2021) (PDF)

Applies to ACOs applying to establish and operate a Beneficiary Incentive Program (BIP)

Overview of ACO-MS User Access and ACO Contacts (Updated 9/30/2021) (PDF)

This tip sheet provides an overview of the various ACO contact types and the permissions associated with those types in ACO-MS.

ACO Signing Event Instructions (Updated 11/16/2022) (PDF)

Applies to all ACOs

How to Review and Certify the ACO Participant List and ACO Provider/Supplier List in ACO-MS (Updated 11/17/2021) (PDF)

This tip sheet provides general information on how to review and certify your ACO Participant List and ACO Provider/Supplier List in ACO-MS during the ACO Signing Event. 

ACO Provider/Supplier List in ACO-MS and Managing the ACO Provider/Supplier List in ACO-MS (Updated 11/17/2021) (PDF)

This tip sheet provides information on key points for adding and/or deleting ACO providers and suppliers in ACO-MS.

ACO Provider/Supplier Bulk Upload in ACO-MS (Updated 11/17/2021) (PDF)

This tip sheet provides detailed instructions for managing your ACO Provider/Supplier List in ACO-MS. Specifically, adding and/or deleting multiple ACO providers and suppliers by uploading a file into ACO-MS.

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