Report to Congress

Report to Congress

Report to Congress – Identification of Quality Measurement Priorities: Strategic Plan, Initiatives, and Activities

The Secretary of HHS is required to submit this Report to Congress – Identification of Quality Measurement Priorities: Strategic Plan, Initiatives, and Activities under section 1890(e) of the Social Security Act (the Act), as added by section 50206(b) of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018. The report, which contains six required elements, addresses quality measurement priorities for the Medicare program.    

The first element is a comprehensive plan to meet the quality measurement needs of CMS programs and initiatives. The report describes a coordinated strategy for using the consensus-based entity under contract with HHS—currently the National Quality Forum (NQF)—and other contractors that conduct NQF activities described in sections 1890 and 1890A of the Act. These activities include measure dissemination, program assessment and review, and program oversight and design. The report also presents the strategy and operational framework that has guided quality measure endorsement, measure selection, and public input since 2009.

The report details: funding that has been provided, obligated, or expended, along with associated activities under section 1890 and section 1890A of the Act; how the funds were used by the Secretary and others for specific task orders and work assigned to the consensus-based entity and contractors for activities under these sections; and remaining funds yet to be obligated.

Finally, the report contains the Secretary’s projections of future expenditures and obligations for each of the quality measurement activities required under these sections in the two-year period after its publication. The planned quality measurement activities align with the comprehensive plan developed by CMS, which incorporates the six crosscutting principles that underpin the Meaningful Measures Initiative: eliminate disparities, track to measurable outcomes and impact, safeguard public health, achieve cost savings, improve access for rural communities, and reduce burden. With this crosscutting work, CMS strives to reduce the burden of measure reporting while rewarding value over volume, as well as increase clinicians’, providers’, and facilities’ ability to deliver equitable, high-quality care that is most appropriate for patients.

In addition, the Secretary is required to annually submit a Report to Congress (RTC) on the amount of the unobligated balances for appropriations related to quality measurement work according to the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) of 2021.  This report identifies all authorized funding for quality measurement activities performed under sections 1890 and 1890A of the Act, the funds obligated and expended under such sections and unobligated balances are as of September 30 of each year.

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