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Health Insurance Enforcement and Consumer Protections Grants

The Affordable Care Act made $250 million available to assist States with improving the health insurance rate review process through FY 2014. In FY2015, the unobligated rate review grant funds remained available to States for planning and implementing the insurance market reforms and consumer protections under Part A of title XXVII of the PHS Act. This Grant program will provide States the opportunity to ensure their laws, regulations, and procedures are in line with Federal requirements and that they are able to effectively oversee and enforce the market reforms and consumer protections guaranteed by the Affordable Care Act. They will also help ensure issuer compliance with key consumer protections. This map below shows the first round of grants. Click on a state below to learn how that state plans to spent its grant money.

Health Insurance Enforcement and Consumer Protections Grant

Click on your state to see grant details.

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Consumer Protections Grants

Alaska (AK)

California (CA)

Colorado (CO)

District of Columbia (DC)

Hawaii (HI)

Illinois (IL)

Indiana (IN)

Kentucky (KY)

Massachusetts (MA)

Maryland (MD)

Michigan (MI)

Minnesota (MN)

Mississippi (MS)

North Carolina (NC)

Nebraska (NE)

New Hampshire (NH)

New Mexico (NM)

New York (NY)

Oregon (OR)

Pennsylvania (PA)

Rhode Island (RI)

Utah (UT)

Washington (WA)