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03/21/17 - Beneficiary Experience: Early Findings from Focus Groups with Enrollees Participating in the Financial Alignment Initiative

03/21/17 - Early Findings on Care Coordination in Capitated Medicare-Medicaid Plans under the Financial Alignment Initiative

03/21/17 - Special Populations Enrolled in Demonstrations under the Financial Alignment Initiative  

All demonstrations will be rigorously evaluated on their ability to improve quality and reduce costs. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has contracted with an external evaluator, RTI International, to lead the evaluation of each individual demonstration. While each state-level evaluation may evolve over time, the documents below show the evaluation strategies for approved demonstrations and for the overall initiative.

Aggregate Evaluation Reports

Aggregate Evaluation Plan

State-specific Evaluation Annual Reports

State-specific Evaluation Reports Preliminary Results

State-specific Evaluation Design Plans