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Survey & Certification - Surveyor Training

Welcome to Survey and Certification Group (SCG) Training Staff (TS).

The SCG Training Staff provides a program of instruction for surveyors, supervisors, State Resident Assessment Instrument Coordinators and other State Agency staff members.  In addition to traditional classroom training, the SCG TS provides Virtual Classroom trainings, satellite broadcasts, computer and web‑based training applications, videos, train‑the‑trainer modules, audio conferencing, as well as other training products. 

Our Mission: is to coordinate or provide the information, knowledge and skills required by that group of State and Federal Persons who survey (inspect) and certify (organize the forms and make decisions about certifying) health facilities receiving funds from federal sources under Titles XVIII and XIX (Medicare and Medicaid).  Our surveyors perform onsite inspections of nursing homes, hospitals, home health agencies, hospices, ambulatory surgical centers, accrediting organizations, ESRD facilities and several other provider categories.

Target audiences: SCG training is provided primarily for the State Agency and federal Regional Office surveyors and certification specialists that manage the program in the field.  We permit access to online training for certain select trainings - OASIS and MDS.  Theses training tools assist providers to submit required information in proper format within federal systems.

The Curriculum: The Training Staff provides training media and services to Long Term Care (LTC) and Non-LTC surveyors.  It is organized into these two broad categories, plus training curriculum for Life Safety Code (LSC) survey.