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Survey & Certification - Surveyor Training

Welcome to Survey and Certification Group (SCG) Training Division (TD).

Mission and Goal

The CMS SCG Training Division provides training initiatives which actively support the mission of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Our mission is to protect the health of all Americans and to provide essential human services - especially for those who are least able to help themselves. This mission is what guides and drives the design, development, and delivery of high-quality training to our surveyors.

The SCG Training Division, in partnership with both the CMS Regional Offices (RO) and State Survey Agencies (SA), provides training to ensure a knowledgeable and skilled survey workforce throughout the United States. SA and RO Survey and Certification staff play an important role in protecting America's most vulnerable citizens. To support them in their role, the CMS SCG Training Division works with our clinical divisions’ Program Leads to design and develop training programs to assist SA and RO staff. Our courses provide a foundation of knowledge to help surveyors learn the survey process and CMS regulations. The training plan includes continuing education, prerequisite, basic, and advanced training.

The Goal is to empower SAs and ROs with the knowledge and skills needed to survey a provider or supplier type in accordance with the CMS SCG survey process, conditions, and standards. The SCG Training Division works closely with the clinical divisions to provide a full curriculum of training, from beginning to advanced concepts, including guidance on health care facility regulations.

Target Audiences: SCG training is provided primarily for the State Agency and federal Regional Office surveyors and certification specialists that manage the program in the field.  We permit access to online training for certain select trainings - OASIS and MDS.  Theses training tools assist providers to submit required information in proper format within federal systems.

The Curriculum: The Training Division provides training media and services to Long Term Care (LTC) and Non-LTC surveyors.  It is organized into these two broad categories, plus training curriculum for Life Safety Code (LSC) survey.