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The Hospice Quality Reporting Program (HQRP) Requirements and Best Practices webpage provides updates regarding reporting requirements, and announcements focusing on best practice methods to help hospices be successful with HQRP requirements.

This webpage provides resources for the HQRP overall, which includes both Hospice Item Set (HIS) and Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (Hospice CAHPS®) Hospice survey. Specific resources available on this page include quick start and reference guides for all providers, especially new providers; quarterly update documents, which include frequently asked questions from the Hospice Quality Help Desk; and other general fact sheets. To obtain the latest regulations and notices, including proposed and final rules related to the HQRP, please visit CMS’s Hospice Center webpage.




October 1, 2020

Hospice QRP APU FY 2021: Successful Facilities

CMS posted the list of successful hospices for FY 2021 Hospice QRP. These hospices met the CY 2019 hospice quality data reporting requirements that impact FY 2021 payment. Successful hospices receive their full annual payment update (APU).

As stated in the Fiscal Year 2016 Hospice Wage Index and Payment Rate Update and Hospice Quality Reporting Requirements Final Rule, CMS has published a list of Hospice providers who successfully met the reporting requirements after all reconsideration requests have been processed. This report is updated on an annual basis and can be found in the Downloads box below.

September 28, 2020

Updates on the Hospice Quality Reporting Program (HQRP)

Swingtech sends informational messages to hospices related to the Quality Reporting Program (QRP) on a quarterly basis. Their latest outreach communication can be found in the Downloads box below. If you want to receive Swingtech’s quarterly emails, then add or update the email addresses to which these messages are sent by sending an email to QRPHelp@swingtech.com. Be sure to include your facility name and CMS Certification Number (CCN) along with any requested updates.

September 8, 2020

HQRP COVID-19 Public Reporting Tip Sheet is Available

The HQRP COVID-19 Public Reporting (PR) Tip Sheet is now available. The purpose of this Tip Sheet is to help providers understand CMS’ public reporting strategy for the PAC QRP in the midst of the COVID-19 public health emergency (PHE) This Tip Sheet explains the CMS strategy to account for  CMS quality data which were exempted from public reporting due to COVID-19, and the impact on CMS’ Hospice Compare website refreshes. Please navigate to Downloads section to access this document.

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