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Hospice Item Set (HIS)

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The Hospice Item Set (HIS) web page provides updates, announcements, and resources specific to the HIS. On this page you will find direct links to the HIS, the HIS manual, fact sheets, and training materials. Announcements related to HIS activities (such as trainings and OMB approval) are posted here.

The content on this page relates to HIS items and data collection only; if you are looking for information on HIS-based quality measures, including measure specifications, visit the “Current Measures” portion of this webpage.  

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September 28, 2017

Replacement Pages Available for the Hospice Item Set Manual V2.00 Pages 2A-8 and 2A-9 to support the New Medicare Cards Initiative

Starting in April 2018, CMS will be issuing New Medicare Cards to replace the Social Security (SSN)-based Health Insurance Claims Numbers (HICNs). This initiative was previously known as the Social Security Number Removal Initiative (SSNRI). Pages 2A-8 and 2A-9 of the HIS Manual V2.00 have been updated to reflect these changes, and to provide coding guidance for the affected item (A0600B Medicare number). Updated replacement pages for 2A-8 and 2A-9 are available in the Downloads section of this page. Download and save the replacement manual pages to ensure your coding guidance is up to date.

To update your existing paper version of the HIS Manual V2.00, download the PDF version of the replacement pages. Print and replace these pages accordingly in your HIS Manual V2.00, to save from re-printing the full manual.

If you have an existing electronic copy of the HIS Manual V2.00 or need to download the Manual for the first time, the replacement pages can also be found in the HIS Manual V2.00 .zip file, in the Downloads.

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