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The Provider Engagement Opportunities webpage is where CMS posts opportunities for hospices to be engaged with the Hospice Quality Reporting Program (HQRP)’s measure and instrument development activities. The opportunities relate to CMS’s ongoing efforts to develop new quality measures for the HQRP and to develop a new hospice patient assessment and maintain the Hospice Item Set (HIS). CMS’s processes, inclusive of opportunities for engagement, follow standard guidelines for measure and instrument development, which are further described on this webpage.

Background Information on the HQRP and Hospice in General

To become more oriented with the HQRP and hospice in general, please see CMS’s Hospice Center. This site contains the latest Hospice Wage Index and Payment Rate Update and information about the Hospice Quality Reporting Rule.

Stakeholder Engagement Opportunities

Quality Measures

The HQRP follows several processes to develop quality measures, all of which encompass regular opportunities for stakeholder engagement. Opportunities for participation can be found in the Downloads section at the bottom of the page. Stakeholder engagement opportunities are also announced on the Spotlight and Announcements page and broadcast on the listserv.

National Quality Forum and Pre-rulemaking: As part of the pre-rulemaking process, CMS posts a list of quality measures that HHS is considering adopting (called the “Measures Under Consideration” or MUC list) late fall/early winter each year. Measures on the MUC list are also moving through consideration or endorsement processes at the National Quality Forum (NQF). NQF is a not-for-profit, nonpartisan, membership-based organization that facilitates an evidence- and consensus-based approach to endorsing quality measures. Following the publication of the MUC list, CMS participates with multiple stakeholders in the NQF-convened Measure Applications Partnership (MAP) meetings to publicly discuss the measures on the MUC list. To access the MUC list or documentation of MAP meetings, please visit this page on the MAP; to listen to MAP meetings and submit comments, please visit page on NQF events. CMS encourages the public to review these materials and submit comments, which CMS reviews along with the MAP recommendations before implementing any new quality measure. In this way, your valuable comments are considered, and become part of the ongoing measure development process.

CMS Rulemaking: Some of the measures proposed on the MUC list and discussed at the MAP meeting will enter the federal rulemaking cycle. To view a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, please visit the Federal Register. During each fiscal year cycle of proposed rulemaking, CMS solicits public comment for 60 days from the date of display. CMS encourages your participation in rulemaking. To submit comments, please visit Regulations.gov.

Blueprint: As part of CMS’s Measure Management System Blueprint process, the HQRP convenes a Technical Expert Panel (TEP) to assist in the development of quality measures. As stated in the Blueprint, “TEPs should include stakeholders such as persons/family members and providers as well as recognized experts in relevant fields such as clinicians, statisticians, quality improvement experts, methodologists, and other SMEs. TEP members are chosen based on their expertise, personal experience, diversity of perspectives, background, and training. The membership should also reflect geographic and organizational diversity as well as the variety of organization types that may have an interest in the topic.”

The Downloads section of this page includes the recruitment and final reports for all TEPs related to HQRP measure development.

Instrument Development

CMS’s process for developing a new patient assessment instrument, HOPE, and for maintaining and updating the HIS relies on similar opportunities for stakeholder engagement as in measure development, including adherence to the Measures Management System Blueprint process and rulemaking. Specific opportunities include participation in field testing and public comment periods. Stakeholders can also attend quarterly HQRP Forums to hear updates and ask questions about the HOPE. Opportunities for participation can be found in the Downloads section at the bottom of the page. Stakeholder engagement opportunities are also announced on the Spotlight and Announcements page and broadcast on the listserv. For more information about HIS, please see the HIS webpage. For more information about HOPE, please see the HOPE webpage.

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