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Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Quality Reporting Program Measures and Technical Information

The IMPACT Act of 2014 requires the Secretary to implement specified clinical assessment domains using standardized (uniform) data elements to be nested within the assessment instruments currently required for submission by LTCH, IRF, SNF, and HHA providers. The Act further requires that CMS develop and implement quality measures from five quality measure domains using standardized assessment data.  In addition, the Act requires the development and reporting of measures pertaining to resource use, hospitalization, and discharge to the community. Through the use of standardized quality measures and standardized data, the intent of the Act, among other obligations, is to enable interoperability and access to longitudinal information for such providers to facilitate coordinated care, improved outcomes, and overall quality comparisons.  

What are the SNF quality reporting measures?

In the following table you’ll find:

  • National Quality Forum (NQF) measure identification numbers and titles
  • Measures used in the SNF Quality Reporting Program
  • The Data Collection Timeframe for fiscal year 2019 Annual Percentage Update
  • Data Submission Deadlines

SNF QRP Assessment-Based Measures 

NQF Measure ID Measure Title
NQF #0674 Application of Percent of Residents Experiencing One or More Falls with Major Injury (Long Stay)
NQF #0678 Percent of Patients or Residents with Pressure Ulcers that are New or Worsened
NQF #2631 Application of Percent of Long-Term Care Hospital Patients with an Admission and Discharge Functional Assessment and a Care Plan that Addresses Function

SNF QRP claims-based measures

Measure Data Source
Discharge to Community- Post Acute Care (PAC) Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Quality Reporting Program (QRP)

Medicare FFS claims

Potentially Preventable 30-Days Post-Discharge Readmission Measure for Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Quality Reporting Program (QRP)

Medicare FFS claims

Medicare Spending Per Beneficiary – Post-Acute Care (PAC) Skilled Nursing Facility Measure

Medicare FFS claims

SNF QRP Measures and Technical Information Additional Resources:

Please also visit the CMS Post-Acute Care Quality Initiative website for more information related to cross setting quality measures and quality initiatives:

CMS Post-Acute Care Quality Initiative website

Information on the IMPACT Act of 2014 can be found at:

For SNF Quality Reporting Program comments or questions:



August 21, 2017

Technical Specifications Table for Reporting Assessment-Based Measures for FY2019 is Now Available

This table presents information to understand the reporting requirements for the assessment based quality measures that are included in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Quality Reporting Program (QRP) for FY 2019. This table provides details for each MDS item and assessment type, allowable item values when coding for the 3 assessment based quality measures, Falls with Major Injury, Pressure Ulcers New or Worsened, and Functional Assessment and Care Plan.  View the table in the downloads section. 

SNF Quality Reporting Archives