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How can I learn about the Patient Relationship Categories & Codes?

  • Read more (PDF), based on your comments, about patient relationship categories and how we may use CPT Modifiers for reporting patient relationship codes.
  • View slides, transcripts, and recordings and an FAQ from the 2/21/18 and the 10/17/18 Patient Relationship Categories & Codes webinars.  


2019 MIPS cost performance category resources


MACRA cost measure development (Wave 2 - 2018)

In October 2018, we field tested 11 newly developed episode-based cost measures and 2 revised measures for consideration in MIPS. Field testing happened from October 3, 2018 - October 31, 2018, with an extension to November 5, 2018. During field testing clinicians and clinician groups were able to get Field Test Reports from the CMS Enterprise Portal and give feedback on the draft measure specifications, field test report templates, and supplemental documentation. These reports were for field testing only, and don’t affect any scoring or payment adjustments.

Note: Field test reports are no longer available on the CMS Enterprise Portal, as of January 2019.

You can review our:

You can also review current measure specifications, measure justification forms, and supplemental documents for the 11 episode-based cost measures and the revised TPCC and MSPB measures, including refinements based on field testing feedback:

MACRA cost measure development (Wave 3 - 2019)

  • Wave 3 Clinical Subcommittee Meeting Summaries file (ZIP) contains a high-level summary of each of the Clinical Subcommittee (CS) meetings held in May-June 2019. CS members gave input on:
    • Episode groups to develop into cost measures  
    • Specialties that should be represented in the workgroups that give detailed input for each episode group approved for development
  • Summary of Wave 3 Workgroup meetings file (ZIP) contains a high-level summary of each of the measure-specific workgroup meetings held in August 2019. Workgroup members gave detailed input on each component of the cost measure that the CS selected for development, including:
    • Defining the episode group
    • Addressing patient sub-populations for meaningful clinical comparison
    • Assigning services to the episode group
  • Wave 3 Measure-Specific Workgroup Composition List (PDF) is the list of members of the measure-specific workgroups that met in August 2019 to give detailed clinical input on the measure specifications for the 5 episode groups being developed in Wave 3.


Learn about the cost measure development process

There have been many opportunities for stakeholders to provide input throughout the process. Learn more about the MACRA cost measure development process from:


Learn about the Care Episodes & Patient Condition Codes


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