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Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) in Indian Country

Long term services and supports (LTSS) are a range of medical, personal, and social services that can help persons with functional limitations live their lives more independently.  American Indian and Alaska Native populations have a significant and growing need for LTSS services for their elderly and persons with disabilities, making it a high priority to develop LTSS resources within tribal communities.   More on AI/AN age and disability.

A Roadmap for Planning

LTSS Roadmap Wheel Step 1: Needs AssessmentStep 2: Goals and ObjectivesStep 3: Compare ModelsStep 4: Select ModelStep 5: PlanningStep 6: ImplementationStep 7: Evaluation

The Roadmap Model offers a step-by-step planning process for addressing LTSS needs in tribal communities.

Each step helps planners and health professionals think broadly and strategically about:

  • LTSS needs,
  • resources for services, and
  • opportunities for collaboration.

The Roadmap Model lets you begin wherever your Tribe or community is today—whether you have an active array of services or you are investigating community needs for the first time.



Explore the Resource page for:

  • LTSS models and demonstration programs
  • step-by-step guidance on financing and reimbursement
  • agencies, contacts, and policy overviews for all States with federally recognized Tribes.


Address financing—one of the most complex elements of tribal LTSS programs—by examining sample budgets, exploring revenue sources, and learning about reimbursement rates. Learn from other programs' experience and see strategies for working cooperatively with your State for reimbursement strategies.