Caregiver Support

In tribal communities, family members often care for elders and people with disabilities. Successful LTSS programs include services that promote the wellbeing of caregivers. Many types of caregiver support have worked well in Indian Country. Examples and other considerations for providing caregiver support are presented below.

Caregiver Support Needs

In Indian Country, 9 out of 10 caregivers are family members.1 Caregivers can find it extremely stressful to care for people who need assistance with daily living activities. Challenges, such as poor access to health care and transportation, can add to this stress and cause feelings of caregiver “burn out.” To ensure caregivers and the people they care for have the support they need to stay healthy, successful LTSS programs also offer services for caregivers.

Overview of Caregiver Support in Indian Country

Caregiver Support Program Profiles

These fact sheets describe tribal LTSS programs that offer caregiver support services and highlight successful strategies, funding considerations, and lessons learned.

LTSS Webinars

View these webinar recordings and related materials to learn more about caregiver support services in Indian Country.

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