LTSS for Native Veterans

Long-term care needs among Native Veterans are high, and tribal LTSS programs can help connect Veterans with care. The resources below describe the care needs of Native Veterans and offer program planning considerations for improving access to care for Veterans.

Long-Term Care Needs for Native Veterans

While Native Veterans tend to be younger than Veterans of other races, they are more likely to have a disability. Native Veterans are also more likely to have post-traumatic stress disorder, which can lead to other health problems as Veterans age. Veterans in Indian Country also face barriers to accessing health care, including VA health care benefits they may have earned through military service.

Through collaboration with Veterans, IHS, and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, tribal LTSS programs can help connect Veterans with the support and care they need.

Overview of LTSS for Native Veterans

  • LTSS Research: LTSS for Native Veterans (PDF) (PDF, 3.3 MB, 38 pages)
    This literature review provides an overview of LTSS needs among Native Veterans, barriers to care, efforts by IHS and VA to improve access to care, and recommendations to enhance care. The document includes 25 summaries of research sources.

Veterans’ Care Program Profiles

These fact sheets describe programs that offer services to Native Veterans and include information on successes, innovations, funding, and lessons learned.

LTSS Webinars

View these webinar recordings to learn more about long-term care needs and opportunities for Veterans in Indian Country.

Resources for Native Veterans’ Care

These resources can help inform tribes seeking to improve access to LTSS for Native Veterans.

Determine Who is Eligible

  • VA Health Benefits Explorer
    Determine eligibility to enroll in VA benefits using the Health Benefits Explorer, or get help over the phone by calling 877-222-VETS (8387)

Enroll Veterans in VA Health Benefits

Get Crisis Help

You can contact the Veterans Crisis Line for help if a Veteran is in crisis.

Collaborate with VA

Find Long-Term Care Information

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