Long-term services and supports (LTSS) can help elders and people with disabilities in your community live more independently. If your community has LTSS needs, creating a new LTSS program or expanding an existing program can meet those needs. The resources below can introduce you to the planning process and guide you through detailed steps.

Start Planning

If you are learning about LTSS for the first time, you can start your planning journey by learning the basic ideas. Two questions will come up early in the planning process: what kind of services can be offered, and how will they be paid for?

  • Learn about LTSS program models. There are different ways to provide LTSS services that allow a community to choose how much care to provide and how many services to offer, depending on the resources that are available.
  • Learn about LTSS financing. Opportunities for LTSS financing depend on what state you live in, and what that state's Medicaid program covers. The opportunities also vary based on many other factors, so start learning the basics of LTSS financing early.


Advanced Planning

After you've considered financing and program model options, it's time to start in-depth planning. Explore advanced planning information for a detailed guide on where to start and what to do, including a step-by-step planning roadmap.


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