Training & Resources

Training & Resources
FACT SHEET: Updates to the Nursing Home Compare Website July 2022 Updates - Updated July 7, 2022

CMS is adding four new measures to the Nursing Home Five Star Quality Rating System effective with the July 27 release.

Podcast -- Nursing Home Series for Front Line Clinicians and Staff

Listen to this first in a series of short podcasts: CMS Beyond the Policy: Nursing Home Series for Frontline Clinicians and Staff. Dr. Shari Ling, Deputy CMS Chief Medical Officer and geriatrician is joined by David Wright, Director of the Quality Safety & Oversight Group to talk about nursing home training and infection control practices to fight the spread of COVID-19.

National Nursing Home COVID-19 Action Network

Enroll in a free nationwide network providing a live online curriculum and on-demand technical assistance for nursing homes seeking to control COVID infections.  Enrollees qualify for a $6000 distribution from the Provider Relief Fund and have access to the network and its resources for the duration of the program.

CMS-CDC Fundamentals of COVID-19 Prevention for Nursing Home Management

Get self-paced training on 13 topics that nursing home partners must know to manage the COVID-19 pandemic.

Adverse Events in Nursing Homes

Get information and resources about adverse events in nursing homes to help providers:

  • Find, track, and systematically investigate adverse events that have happened.
  • Make and implement systemic interventions to help prevent adverse events.

Find resources for nursing homes to implement a quality assurance and performance improvement program.

Quality Safety and Education Portal

Use the CMS Quality, Safety & Education Portal (QSEP) to get the full surveyor training curriculum, health care facility regulations guidance, and provider-specific training.

Skilled Nursing Facilities/Long-Term Care Open Door Forum

Join the monthly Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF)/Long-Term Care Open Door Forum (ODF) call to hear the concerns and issues from Medicare SNFs, Medicaid NFs, and the general nursing home industry. Announcements and clarifications about important rulemaking, quality program initiatives, and other related topics are also covered.

The Tribal Nursing Home Collaborative

See best practices for tribal nursing homes, which are compiled and reported 4 times each year in December, March, June, and September.

Program Integrity: Nursing Home Toolkit

Learn about nursing home fraud, waste, and abuse; and common types of fraud in nursing homes.  Providers & CMS partners can get information about proper payments, government anti-fraud efforts, and nursing home quality of care.

Initiative to Reduce Avoidable Hospitalizations among Nursing Facility Residents (NFI)

See how we’re partnering with Enhanced Care and Coordination Providers (ECCPs) to implement evidence-based clinical and educational interventions that reduce avoidable hospitalizations.

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