Health Care Innovation Awards: Archived Materials

Health Care Innovation Awards: Archived Materials

The materials on this page were used in announcing the availability of funds and in communicating to potential applicants. These materials likely contain out-of-date information and are made available as a service to those who are looking for more background on this initiative.

Health Care Innovation Awards Round Two Archived Materials

These forms should be uploaded into the "Other Attachments File(s)" located inside the application kit. All forms should be uploaded in their native format (Excel, Word document etc.). A printed version of Actuarial Review .pdf should be completed, signed, scanned and uploaded as a .pdf file.

To assist you with the completion of your supplemental materials the following user guides are available. Please note these user guides should not be uploaded into application.

Please note that the website underwent a design update since the last webinar on submitting an application. To review the changes to, a tutorial video is available to assist users in searching, registering and applying for grants through the website. helpdesk only supports users with the use of the application forms and application submission process in All questions related to content and/or use of the supplemental forms must be directed to the CMS Innovation Center program staff at We encourage potential applicants to regularly check our website for related upcoming webinars, Frequently Asked Questions and other relevant information.


Health Care Innovation Awards Round One Archived Materials

  • Fact Sheet (PDF)
  • Application Information
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for potential applicants
  • Funding Opportunity Announcement (PDF) - for background information about the application process
  • Financial Plan Template (XLS) - Page 38 of the Funding Opportunity Announcement includes a "Financial Plan Template" to be filled out and included in your application. In addition to the description in the FOA, "Webinar 3: Achieving Lower Costs Through Improvement," which can be viewed through the links seen above provides further clarification on completing the Financial Plan. If you use assistive technology and are having trouble accessing or using this document, please contact us and we will assist you.
  • Letter Of Intent to Apply - required to be completed in order to submit an application. The LOI is currently deactivated as the deadline to submit has passed.
  • Resources for Potential Applicants (PDF) - for information on health care costs, health status, and other data that may be useful in completing project proposals. Note: this is not a required or exhaustive list of resources that may be used to help find information pertinent to applications.

Archived Webinar Reference Materials

Health Care Innovation Awards Round Two


Health Care Innovation Awards Round One

  • Webinar 1: 11/17/11 Health Care Innovation Awards Round One - Overview
  • Webinar 2: 12/06/11 Health Care Innovation Awards Round One - Designing Effective Project Proposals
  • Webinar 3: 12/13/11 Health Care Innovation Awards - Achieving Lower Costs Through Improvement
  • Webinar 4: 12/19/11 Health Care Innovation Awards - Measuring Success

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