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CMS OMH offers resources and tools to help health care professionals, researchers, consumers, and community partners improve health outcomes and address health disparities.

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Resources by Language

Browse the collection of CMS resources categorized by language. We have resources in 18 languages to help people make informed health care decisions and be active partners in their health care and the health care of their families.

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Health Equity Infographic


Health Equity Challenges and CMS Resources to Help Address Them (PDF)

This infographic outlines various barriers to health equity and related challenges that populations often face and shares CMS resources that can help close the health equity gap.

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Health Equity Technical Assistance Program

Find technical assistance resources to help health care organizations take action against health disparities.

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Health Observances

CMS OMH Recognizes National Poverty in America Awareness Month
During January, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Office of Minority Health (CMS OMH) recognizes National Poverty in America Awareness Month. The United States measures poverty based on how income compares to a federal guide. In 2021, an individual was considered to be living in poverty if their income was lower than $12,880, $26,500 for a family of four. The poverty rate in 2021 was 12.8%, an increase from the 11.4% rate recorded in 2020. American Indian/Alaskan Native individuals were the most impacted (25.9%), followed by Black Americans (21.7%), Hispanic Americans (17.6%), Asian/Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders (10.2%), and White Americans (9.5%).

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